Welcome to Gay Might, my huge database of free gay porn. There are a lot of different videos here, but personally I like men with a lot of muscle on their bones. Not only does it look fucking hot but you just have to admire the work gone into a body rippling with muscle. As we all know a gorgeous muscular frame doesn't come without a lot of effort at the gym and that only serves to heighten my attraction. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my videos and please check back often to see the new gay beef that is on offer.
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Masculine Men
Video Description Army stud fucks a senior officer
Featured Models Neo Paris and Daniel Aredon
In the army, when you want to move up in the ranks, you always need to keep your superiors happy. So when Neo suggests a suck and fuck would go a long way to help his military career Daniel wastes no time getting to his knees. Using all his years of dick sucking experience he gives his senior officer a toe curling blow...
College Guys
Video Description Two jocks having oral sex in a locker room
Featured Models Christian Wilde and Nikko Alexander
After losing their latest game Christian finds Nikko in the locker room. "Dude we only needed two points to win" says Christian, "why would they call you tri-ball if you can't even make that three point shot anyway". Nikko explains his nickname is because of have three balls instead of just two which Christian wants to...
Muscular Studs
Video Description Tommy sucking off his cute mechanic
Featured Models Tommy D. and Isaac Conn
When Tommy was having some trouble with his new truck, he thought he'd let his buddy Issac check it out before spending big bucks at the dealership. While the two were investigating things under the hood, Tommy noticed Issac's pants were a bit low, exposing his bubble butt..
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Studs fucks his friends brother
Featured Models Brody Wilde and Tristan Matthews
Tristan arrives at his brothers house to find Brody Wilde studying alone while Tristan's brother is out getting pizza. Tristan is looking for some fun and starts hassling Brody about taking a break but Brody is adamant he really needs to study. That is until Tristan hints that their break could involve sex and Brody re...
College Guys
Video Description Tattoo boy making out with his buddy
Featured Models Cliff Jensen and Logan Drake
Playing a game of poker, these two get bored as Cliff wonders what game they could play next. "Fuck the cards' smirks Logan, -fuck ME!" That's all the invitation Cliff needed as they start to make out. Their clothes come off piece by piece as their tongues intertwine. Logan kisses Cliff's smooth pecs and abs as he make...
Ethnic Guys
Video Description Black stud nails a horny white guy
Featured Models Krist Cummings and Scott Alexander
Back with us this week, by popular request, is Scott Alexander. Scott made quite the impression with fans, old and new alike, when he originally appeared on Extra Big Dicks and gave us a better idea of just what makes him tick. Alongside Scott is another hottie we brought back because he can take a fucking better than...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Cute boy gets caught jerking off
Featured Models Danny Castillo
This week I'm out and about with Danny Castillo when in the distance we spot a young guy alone in a field. He appears to be fully concentrated on something and doesn't notice us approaching. Then as we get closer it becomes clear he is jerking off and even our interruption isn't enough for him to take his hand off his...
College Guys
Video Description Frat boys fucking in the dinner hall
Featured Models Unknown
When the heads of this Florida drat are served bad milk they bring the guilty pledges into the dinner hall for some immediate discipline. They start by making them get undressed in front of the rest of the frat . Then when one of the pledges is caught laughing he is told to bend over the table and spread his ass...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Two guys suck cock at a gas station
Featured Models Max Born and John Hill
In this weeks episode we are out with my homeboy Max Born and he has come prepared, having already organized a date with a gas station worker. Once we arrive at the gas station we explain the setup to John and surprisingly he seems both excited and turned on by the prospect of some out in public fun. And true to his wo...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Hot country boy enjoying a massage
Featured Models Jake Cruise and Brandon Bangs
As I watched from the doorway, Brandon Bangs stretched and flexed, draped in nothing more than a towel. I couldn't wait to get the massage started. Just looking at this fresh off the farm stud was getting my dick hard. His V-shaped body and fat dick needed a special kind of attention. Flat on his stomach, he tucked his...
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