Welcome to Gay Might, my huge database of free gay porn. There are a lot of different videos here, but personally I like men with a lot of muscle on their bones. Not only does it look fucking hot but you just have to admire the work gone into a body rippling with muscle. As we all know a gorgeous muscular frame doesn't come without a lot of effort at the gym and that only serves to heighten my attraction. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my videos and please check back often to see the new gay beef that is on offer.
Porn videos from our archive
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Horny male jerking his huge hard cock
Featured Models Joey
22 year old Joey is a rosy-cheeked cutie with a body so lean and chiseled, it seems created for the singular purpose of making his fat eight inch cock appear even more drop-to-your-knees and suck-him-to-the-balls goregous than it already is. Joey said his most exciting sexual experience took place with an adventurous n...
College Guys
Video Description Two young studs kissing and sucking dick
Featured Models Shine and Matt
Shine and Matt... what a great pair these two are. Not to mention the great pair of nuts they had. They instantly hit it off and completely forgot I was there. They even took a shower together afterwards.
Masculine Men
Video Description Two mature hunks getting down to business
Featured Models Lee Covington and Justin Wells
The chemistry between these two was evident even before the camera began to roll. They began to kiss passionately slowly exploring each other. First they groped at each other through their clothes but quickly began to remove them. As Justin's mouth opened a bit at the sensation of Lee's hot tongue tasting his nips and...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Three young studs fucking each other
Featured Models Cody, Jeremy and Jayden
 As they begin Jeremy and Jayden converge on Cody who is between them, kissing and licking him all over. It doesn't last long before Cody's the one on his back with Jeremy and Jayden's cock shoved into his mouth at the same time as they order him to suck their dicks. Cody's gonna have to get used to two in one. 
Muscular Studs
Video Description Old man enjoying a smooth italian hunk
Featured Models Tony Capucci and Jake Cruise
Lean and smooth like one of Michelangelo's sculptures, Tony is the ultimate Italian stallion. But this stallion likes to play. Quick to smile and even quicker to laugh, Tony has a great time being serviced by Jake. This is one stallion you'll want to check out.
Muscular Studs
Video Description Two sexy men fuck after a massage
Featured Models Boris and Greg
There is no better place to watch two gorgeous young men get it on, than a massage table. You get to see all aspects of their finely chiselled bodies as the rub down takes place. Then, as the sexual tension becomes too much, both men forget all about the cameras and let their lust for each other take over. Fucking each...
Muscular Studs
Video Description Two athletic hunks doing chin ups
Featured Models Cody Cummings and Patrick Rouge
For this scene, Cody and Patrick do a quick workout before jumping into the Jacuzzi where the two swap massages. After this, Cody showers off, and then is joined by Patrick who gives him a hot blowjob before Cody gets himself off. Of course Patrick couldn't resist giving the stud's jism a taste, so he deep throats Cody...
College Guys
Video Description Horny stud gets interrupted while masturbating
Featured Models Tommy D. and Justin Ryder
Justin Ryder was enjoying a day off recently. What did he do you ask? Well, he spent most of the day hanging out and home, watching movies and stroking his cock! Justin was so horny, that even after cumming once that day already, he decided to go out into the living room and get off one more time. In mid stroke, he rea...
Masculine Men
Video Description Jake cruise enjoys a big muscle man
Featured Models Zohan Lopez and Jake Cruise
Zohan Lopez joins me this week and I can't wait to get my paws on this stud-muffin. Those big, meaty muscles and bedroom eyes are enough to drive anyone crazy. Zohan's beautiful uncut cock is hiding in his see-through underwear, taunting me to take it out to play with. I deep throat that monster and eat that bubbly but...
Men In Suits
Video Description Horny business man seduces his co-worker
Featured Models Neil Stevens and Rocky
Deliciously muscled gym bunny Neil Stevens is dressed to thrill in his exceptionally sharp suit. In fact Neil is so fucking hot in his suit that his colleague Rocky is already stripping him out of it and getting ready to see to Neil's sexual needs! Rocky's a rough bloke, revealing prison style tattoos under his crisp w...
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