Welcome to Gay Might, my huge database of free gay porn. There are a lot of different videos here, but personally I like men with a lot of muscle on their bones. Not only does it look fucking hot but you just have to admire the work gone into a body rippling with muscle. As we all know a gorgeous muscular frame doesn't come without a lot of effort at the gym and that only serves to heighten my attraction. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my videos and please check back often to see the new gay beef that is on offer.
Porn videos from our archive
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Three hot guys work out together in the gym
Featured Models James Jamesson, vance Craword and Spencer Fox
Vance is intrigued when James tells him Spencer might be after more than a just dumbbell session. The two decide to test the rumors by firing up a couple meaty boners and popping them out in Spencer's face. Sure enough, Spencer locks his lips around each, slurping like a fiend. James can tell when an opportunity has fu...
Ethnic Guys
Video Description Black stud gets hs monster cock sucked
Featured Models Castro Supreme
This week we brought in this little Spanish fucker to get his prostate examined unfortunately for him this routine check up might have caused more damage than it was worth. Castro buried his brown log balls deep in this little Princesses asshole and from the look on this boys face this shoot may have been one sided in...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Cross dresser gets to suck a nice cock
Featured Models Lewis and Hugo
Lewis is relaxing at home when he gets a pleasant surprise as Hugo walks in the door with a bunch of flowers. Not wanting to let an act of generosity go unrewarded he reaches for Hugo's pants and pulls out his throbbing cock for some thank you kisses. With Hugo's dick fully to attention he finally gets what he wanted a...
Muscular Studs
Video Description Muscular stud fucks his buddy from behind
Featured Models Phenix Saint and Cameron Adams
Cameron is sick of his old, weak shower so he hires Phenix Saint to install one of the new high pressured ones. Phenix is happy to do the work but he keeps on being distracted by Cameron who insists on hanging around in just a towel. With work going slow Phenix decides the only way he is going to get finished is to gi...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Cute stud sucking cock in the rain
Featured Models Ari and Rick
On this weeks Out In Public update I'm out in the mean streets of Miami with my boy Ari. This guy is just chipper as hell and horny as well and its my job to get this guy some ass. So we hit up the streets and he comes across this guy named Rick. Luckily Rick just happened to be on his break so I asked him straight up...
Masculine Men
Video Description Stud gets fucked in a jockstrap
Featured Models Chris Daniels and Trey Turner
After making out and exchanging blowjobs Chris pushes Trey down to all four and puts that tongue to better use rimming Trey's hole. Trey loves the attention, but rimming is his thing and he flips Chris onto his back; holding his legs up in the air before shoving his face up into Chris' hot ass. Chris, still wearing his...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Young cowboy fucks his boyfriend
Featured Models Wesley Masters and Sam Northman
Sam and his boyfriend Wesley have been spending their summer as ranch hands but this morning work on the range is far from their minds as they enjoy the sunrise together. Alone in the wilderness they begin kissing, before ridding themselves of their underwear and getting down to the serious business of cock sucking. Th...
Muscular Studs
Video Description Athletic males pleasing their coach by sucking his dick
Featured Models Lex Sabree, Danny Arnez and Jose Enrique
Coach Sabre wants to know how far Danny and Jose will go to make the team. Sure, they may be good at half-nelsons and pinning each other down on the mat, but proving how well they can suck Lex's cock will be the true test of this tryout.
College Guys
Video Description Boy having his first time on camera
Featured Models Nicolas and Skylar
Nicolas brought his friend Skylar in to give him his first time on camera. They met at the club and by the time they arrived at the studio they were ready to get started. It was not long until they were peeling each others clothes off and sucking each others dicks. Then Nicolas rammed his cock in Skylar's asshole...
Masculine Men
Video Description Beefy muscle man gets fucked bareback
Featured Models Denis and Eddie
This week we have a muscular hunk named Eddie lined up for an audition. He is looking for work as a male model and doesn't realize we are casting for a porno. This is quite common and once they find out the truth it's up to them to decide whether or not to continue. It's really surprising the types of men who end up fu...
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