Welcome to Gay Might, my huge database of free gay porn. There are a lot of different videos here, but personally I like men with a lot of muscle on their bones. Not only does it look fucking hot but you just have to admire the work gone into a body rippling with muscle. As we all know a gorgeous muscular frame doesn't come without a lot of effort at the gym and that only serves to heighten my attraction. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my videos and please check back often to see the new gay beef that is on offer.
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Muscular Studs
Video Description Hunky daddy fucks a younger guy
Featured Models Bruno Bond and Ryan Raz
If there was ever a dynamic between two well-known porn stars that really hit the mark, it would have to be in this video with Ryan Raz and Bruno Bond. Two powerhouses of the industry who make one hell of an intergenerational team. Watch as mature, hairy muscle daddy Bond shows this young. hairless up-and-comer who's b...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Stud gets gang banged in a shower stall
Featured Models Drake Jayden
I've never felt comfortable in the public shower stall after a swim or workout but when my friend begged me to accompany him to his bath house I hesitantly agreed. The hot tub was nice and all the guys were very friendly so when everyone went to take a shower I thought nothing about going with them. Seeing them all nak...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Two horny guys kissing and fucking on a couch
Featured Models Shane Erickson and Alex Matthews
“If I don't fuck you soon, I think I might go crazy”, Shane coos as Alex playfully gets up to make that happen. Shane spreads his legs wide and sits back as Alex takes his place and slowly impales himself on Shane's thick dick. In seconds, he's sitting atop the Shane throne as he begins to ride his meat. Shane groans a...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Hung stud enjoys a vigorous blowjob
Featured Models Mason Coxx and Ridge Michaels
Ridge undoes his shorts and kicks them free so he can take out his hard cock. Mason needs no invitation as he goes to work. He sticks his friends cock deep into his hungry mouth as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Ridge while encouraging Mason, holds his head by a fistful of hair and bobs him up and down on his swollen meat.
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Two jocks share a big black cock
Featured Models Alexander, Diesel Washington and Steven Ponce
After a long practice Coach Diesel feels that Alexander and Steven need to be taught some teamwork. The two have not been getting along lately and it shows in their performance. Diesel has a plan that he knows will whip them into shape and force them to lean on each other in more ways than one.
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Two studs kissing and fucking
Featured Models Mason Wyler and Adam Wirthmore
These two get straight to the point... Or shall we say gay to the point! Once the camera's rolling, these two jump into each others mouths with their tongues before undressing to suck and fuck each other. The two switch off, both taking the others cock in their asses before Adam pulls out and explodes all over Mason, c...
College Guys
Video Description College student tricked into a male blowjob
Featured Models Josh Stone and Kehoa Strand
We come across Kehoa he is from Tahiti and is here for school, we tell him were doing a porno and would love he is was in it. Lucky for us he was quick to jump at the opportunity, we got him blind folded and Josh jumped on his dick quicker then a hobo on a ham sandwich. Kehoa wasn't to pleased to see what he got himsel...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Two guys hook up after meeting online
Featured Models Jace Chambers and Joey Cooper
Jace is cruising on his phone for some phone and hooks up with a likely looking stud named Joey. It's not long before he hears a knock at the door and sure enough it's Joey. He begins to introduce himself but Jace isn't interested in talking and pulls him in for a kiss. They continue making out and as they remove their...
Muscular Studs
Video Description Cody gets sucked off by a horny fan
Featured Models Cody Cummings and Adam Wirthmore
We all know Cody Cummings has many fans. But rarely does Cody get to meet any of them. Today is one of those rare occasions where Cody gets to not just meet a fan, but also get sucked off by him! That's where Adam Wirthmore comes in. He's been a Cody Cummings fan since the Italian stud first appeared online...
Men In Suits
Video Description Suited stud sucks cock by the pool
Featured Models Tomas Brand and Dato Foland
As Dato is relaxing before work he watches Tomas Brand emerge from the apartments pool and head to the poolside shower. Wearing nothing but some distractingly see through swimming trunks Dato can't keep his eyes off the Swedish muscle god and is suitably embarrassed when Tomas notices his obsession. Donning a towel Tom...
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