Welcome to Gay Might, my huge database of free gay porn. There are a lot of different videos here, but personally I like men with a lot of muscle on their bones. Not only does it look fucking hot but you just have to admire the work gone into a body rippling with muscle. As we all know a gorgeous muscular frame doesn't come without a lot of effort at the gym and that only serves to heighten my attraction. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my videos and please check back often to see the new gay beef that is on offer.
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Ordinary Guys
Video Description Stud seducing his brothers cute friend
Featured Models Alex, Krys Perez and Micah Matthews
Micah Matthews is hanging out with his brother's friend, Krys Perez. Micah informs his boyfriend, Alex, that his brother's friend is pretty hot so Alex says he'll rush home right away to get more acquainted. Problem is lunch is short but Alex walks in at just the right time.
Muscular Studs
Video Description Stud eagerly fucks his buddies ass
Featured Models Mason Wyler and Gavin Waters
Mason Wyler is hanging out with his buddy Gavin at the local pool when Gavin finds himself with an embarrassing erection that won't go away. He eventually tells Mason about his problem and says he will have to leave. But he shouldn't have worried because Mason knows exactly what to do in this kind of situation and he i...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Two horny boys fuck on their bed
Featured Models Max Carter
Max's friend wanted to go to the gym with him this evening but Max wasn't ready or willing to make the trip. Now Max is ready to go but his friend is already in bed asleep. Max still wants some exercise and decides he can use his mates sleeping body as his workout equipment...
Ethnic Guys
Video Description Black stud gets his huge cock sucked
Featured Models Tristan Matthews
Order food back at the pad, get a little snack in the belly then offer up some thick hot chocolate cock for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth. This fool couldn't resist my fat chocolate cock so after I fucked his face and pummeled his ass I blasted a nice little frosting treat all over his lips for good measure.
Masculine Men
Video Description Stud gets fucked on the massage table
Featured Models Unknown
So my massage business has been really successful, keeping me extremely busy. There's no denying it's a lot of fun but I really felt like I needed a day off. So today I got my friend to fill in for me. He is also a certified masseur but normally doesn't offer the extras that come free with my rub downs...
Ethnic Guys
Video Description White boy sucks cock at a glory hole
Featured Models Tyko and Kip
Kip is a fun loving twink that loves fucking outside the bedroom, so when he hears about a dirty public restroom with a glory hole he figures it's worth a shot. He takes his cock out and begins jerking off and is rewarded with a black cock being stuck through one of the holes in the wall. Kip, never shy about sucking a...
Muscular Studs
Video Description A hunky couple kiss and suck cock
Featured Models Matt Castro and Robert Craig
Robert peels off the t-shirt that Matt is wearing, revealing his beautiful chest. He then eagerly gobbles down his friends cock that was previously straining to break free of the tight briefs Matt is wearing. Robert takes as much of the rock hard cock as he can before they embrace and kiss in anticipation of the sex th...
Ordinary Guys
Video Description Masseur gives his client a blowjob
Featured Models Kemer and Jude
Kemer met Jude for a massage. Jude introduced himself and asked Kemer to take off all of his clothes and lie on the table. Kemer undressed and Jude came back to a naked man awaiting his touch. Jude began by rubbing him all over his back side. Then, Jude asked him to flip over. Jude began to massage his front and slowly...
Muscular Studs
Video Description A passionate couple make out on the sofa
Featured Models Sebastian Keys and Luke Hass
Sebastian Keys and his roommate, Luke Hass, are chilling out on the couch giving each other foot rubs. Seemingly the foot has some erogenous zones that if touched correctly can be quite erotic. Fortunately Sebastian knows all the right techniques to make Luke hornier than ever before...
College Guys
Video Description Blue eyed cutie sucking cock in the bathroom
Featured Models Tim and Cody
Tim and Cody were meant for each other. They quickly hit it off after I introduced them to each other. Cody had experimented with another man before but never went all the way. Here we let him experience asslicking, he gave good head, a little handjob, and anal of course. Tim really fucked him good.
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